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Palarome series

Feed Flavors Asia Co., Ltd.

- 20Kg Paper Bag or Carton Box.
- 0.01~0.03% Supplement in Feed. (Add 100~300gr per 1MT Feed.)
  • Palarome is a concentrated flavor formulation developed specially for inclusion into swine(dairy/beef cattle) feed to stimulate intake.
  • The powerful, persistent aroma and flavor will mask the inclusion of unpalatable ingredients and variations between batches of raw materials which will ensure target daily feed intakes are achieved.
  • Palarome is formulated to remain active on the feed long after other flavors have lost their potency. This ensures feed will taste and smell fresh on delivery and continue to do so throughout storage and feeding on farm.
  • The unique flavors combination of Palarome keeps the best palatability of feed at any ingredients formulation and outside condition